Z8 with bright colors

Impressive and energetic

  • Light magnalium frame

    Yes, the 6.5kg item weight has 75kg load ability, because of the magnesium frame.

  • 6.5kg

    Item weight

  • 75kg

    Maximum load

Adjustable operating rod

One Z8 will benefit the whole families, just because of the adjustable operating rod.


Z8 with the tough and quality pedals gives riders more reliable riding experience.

Tire size: 3.2 inch (Polyurethane)

In addition to the pedals, its tires with the unique tread pattern are wear-resisting. Hence, riders can ride Z8 on various road conditions.

3M reflect light

It is specially designed for a safer night riding.

Switch:simple and efficient

Car-level painting tech

Z8 installs the low temperature painting technology that requires over ten processes, like japanning and washing to make the appearance become excellent and prolong service life.




Elektroroller für Kinder,Elektroroller für Erwachsene

Faltbarer elektrischer Roller,Faltender elektrischer Roller

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